Sh. Mohammed Hanif & Co. and the brand “Baft-e-Hanifian” (Weave of Hanif family) was founded in 1963 in Karachi, Pakistan by Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Hanif (Late)

Today, we are serving our customer all of the world with the best oriental carpets and rugs. Our new brand, “Farsh-e-Hazarnaqsh” (Flooring with Thousand designs), the complements our team’s constant efforts of researching into ways of blending new and moderns trends in art and design with the original philosophy of oriental carpets.

We have one of the most selective and impressive range of carpets, unique designs and colors to suit our customers from all around the globe.

From the beginning of manufacturing process, our carpets are designed using the new trends and incorporate our design principles and experience. We carefully select and inspect all the raw materials for our carpets. The wool is especially imported from Middle East and the finest quality silk directly from China are used to produce our carpets. The design graph and raw materials are handed over to our top-notch weavers, who take several months to put individual knot to the correct place.

Today, We provide the best quality of carpets and services to meet the increasing demands of customers. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience and services.